The easiest way to by iCare products is through our online shop: www.icareproducts.com.au. Alternatively, we over sales reps in Sydney and Brisbane who can deliver world class products to your store.

2. How do I become an iCare distributor?

Simply contact our Sydney office by filling in our contact form here.

or email:  E:  info@icareproducts.com.au

or call:  T:  +61 2 9476 5392

3. What should I use to clean my wheels?

First, determine what type of wheels you have in order to use the correct wheel cleaner.  For chrome wheels, Meguiar's Hot Rims Chrome Wheel Cleaner is the best choice.  For "factory" painted or coated wheels, Meguiar's Hot Rims All Wheel & Tyre Cleaner is the best solution.  For aluminum, anodized or you are not sure of the type of wheels you have, iCare 121 MP Cleaner is the best choice.

4. How often should I wash my car?

We recommend waxing your every 3-4 month to protection your vehicle from harmful environmental elements. 

5. What is the best product to protect my new car?

If you are looking for the "best paint protection" for your new purchased car, then our latest protection "iCrystal Glass Coating" won't let you down.




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